Ningbo Longtu Network Technology Co., Ltd. ( Formly named Ningbo Taina Electronics Compay) own a Brand of "TNE" Mainly offer 19'' network cabinets, 19'' server racks, wall mount cabinet and customized Products, built for your specific requirement.
· Year 2003 TNE Founded
· Year 2006 TNE gains Export and Import Right
· Year 2010 TNE Moved the factory to Guanhaiwei East Industrial Zone, Ocupy 9000 Square Meter.
· Year 2014 TNE Changed the name from NINGBO TAINA ELECTRONICS COMPANY to NINGBO LONGTU NETWORK TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. Pure Producing Network      Cabinet. 
· TNE have some stable partner From USA, UK, France, Austrial, Egypt, and So on. 

· TNE mainly Products as below:
· Charging Cabinet 
· Outdoor Cabinet
· Network Cabinet 
· Server Rack
· Wall Mount Cabinet
· Open Frames
· PDU...

TNE Machinery:
· CNC Punching Machine: 5 sets
· Laser Cutting Machine: 3 sets
· Bending Machine: 11 sets
  And other small Machines...

TNE owned Painting Line with Environment evaluation certificate

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