Why Your Server Rack Needs Rack Mount Blank Panels

When planning out your data center, you will want to spend a significant amount of time thinking about how your server racks should be set up. One piece of equipment in these racks that many people overlook is racked mount blank panels. A blank panel is a piece of plastic or metal that goes into an empty spot in the rack. They remain in place until a time when a new server or another piece of equipment needs to go in. At that point, the blank panel comes out, and the server takes its place.
Many people, however, question why they need to invest in rack mount blank panels if they are only going to be removed at some point down the road. The fact is, there are several important reasons why a server rack should have all the empty spaces filled in. Once you understand the benefits of filler panels, you’ll quickly see that they are worth every (affordable) dime.


Allows for Proper Airflow

One of the biggest benefits of server racks is that they allow the equipment housed within to operate at ideal temperatures. This occurs by allowing the air to flow through the rack, taking the heat from the equipment and quickly removing it. Server racks can be set up to have heated airflow up out the top or out the screened door.
Modern server racks are designed specifically to ensure air will flow evenly, removing the heat very efficiently. These racks, however, operate properly only when all the slots are full. If there is an opening in any of the bays, the air will not perform as designed. Some things that can happen include:5U Filler Panel with Stability Flanges
Creating ‘Dead’ SpotsIf there is an open bay in the rack the airflow may not reach all the intended areas. This can create ‘dead’ spots where the air does not move or moves very slowly. This can result in a hotspot that could cause problems with equipment.
Pulling Air from Opposite SideThe opening could cause air to flow through it from one side of the rack to the other. A properly setup rack will have cool air coming in on one side, and hot air removed from another. Mixing the two unintentionally will reduce its effectiveness.
‘Tornado’ EffectWhen the air hits an unexpected opening it can blow in the wrong direction. This can create an area in the rack where the air spins in place rather than blows out. This will disrupt the cooling effects.
Reduced EfficiencyHaving a larger area to move the air will cause the air to flow less efficiently than planned, which can cause other cooling problems.

Essential for Cooling
As you can see from the above points, proper airflow is critical for cooling. When you install your rack mount blank panels, the air will go exactly where it is supposed to. This allows the entire rack to stay at the proper temperature while equipment is operating. A good cooling plan is one of the biggest benefits of server racks in general. Maximizing this benefit is well worth the minimal cost and effort that is needed for buying and installing blank panels.
Cleaner Rack with Less Dust
Properly installed blank panels will also help to reduce any issues you have with dust. While a data center should have its air filtered, it is almost impossible to eliminate every bit of dust. In order to keep that dust from finding its way into your servers and other equipment, you need to make sure it is blown out of a server rack as fast as possible. The blank panels will help to facilitate this by ensuring the airflow is undisturbed and able to move as designed.
Improved Aesthetics
The first thing that people will notice about a server rack with blank panels is that it looks much nicer than if there were just openings in the rack. While aesthetics certainly aren’t the most important thing when it comes to housing computer equipment, it is still well worth noting. In some industries, making sure the equipment looks great will help to impress clients, and therefore drive increased sales. In others, it will simply show that the racks are properly set up for optimal airflow, which all IT professionals know is essential.
Whether you call them filler panels or blanking panels doesn’t matter as long as you make sure that every open bay in your server rack has one of them properly installed at all times. TNE offers several different types of blank panels, all of them being quite affordable. Shop the large selection of these pieces of equipment so you can ensure your server racks will operate properly for years to come.

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